Introducing the DAVIS App


That's right, we've created an app to make it even easier to check your employee's licences, access driver data and much more. Available in our plans at no extra cost.


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Lightning Fast

Access driver records in seconds - the DAVIS app is optimised so you can spend time actioning results, not loading them.


Driver Search Feature

Advanced key word search - locate records easily by searching name, entitlement or even licence status.


Easy permission

Our quickest way to gain access to a driver's record; permission is authorised by a unique pin code sent to the driver's mobile phone.

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Scan licences anytime, anywhere. 


Exclusive 'Quick Check' licence scanning technology
Using only your smartphone camera, this is the simplest and most efficient method of capturing driving licence data.


Real time driver & vehicle summary dashboards
Available on the go - perfect if you travel to and from different locations or work outside of office hours. 


In-app calling & messaging
No need to store driver phone numbers on your mobile, simply hit ‘call driver’ and connect instantly


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Get the DAVIS App now

Take a modern and flexible approach to managing driver safety and download our app today. Available in all DAVIS plans.

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