Minimise road risk

Coaching is our interactive learning and development service, delivered through a Driver App, intended to create a community of better informed, engaged and safer company drivers. DAVIS Coaching can be used to assess and improve driver knowledge, attitude and behaviour, helping to reduce the number of road traffic incidents and demonstrate a commitment to driver safety.

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Improve safety and driver engagement

Continuous learning is when short bursts of educational content are delivered through the Driver App and are sequenced according to an individual’s knowledge and engagement scores. Our course scheduler allows you to plan specific courses in on a set date - such as Winter driving in November.

Drivers are encouraged to participate in quizzes, videos and tests to keep their knowledge up to date and their engagement high. Content can also be triggered from interventions for licence endorsements.


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Pricing from just £1 per driver, per month*

*Costs dependent on driver pool size

5 reasons to switch to DAVIS Coaching

Drivers are always learning

Bursts of fresh content ensure that drivers don’t see a repeated cycle of the same educational material year after year.

Decreases drivers' risk scores

Integrating risk scores across several DAVIS modules results in a more accurate view of driver and fleet  risk.

Helps to reduce road incidents

Continuous learning improves your drivers' road knowledge, attitude and engagement, and may help to reduce the number of road incidents.

Save on insurance premiums

Some insurance providers factor in the preventative measures businesses put in place to improve driver safety when costing up fleet insurance policies.

Encourages safe driving habits

Create a community of better informed, engaged and therefore safer company drivers.

For more information about DAVIS, download our brochure.